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23 Stunning Websites Powered By Jevelin WordPress Theme 2022

You can never go wrong with enjoying some extra Jevelin theme examples before you fully commit. While the theme itself is already loaded with numerous demos and even more content, seeing others use it is entirely different. Before we go and see the websites, let’s first remind ourselves of how amazing the theme actually is.

11 Best Free WordPress Directory Plugins for 2022

A directory website is one where the names, addresses, contact, and other details of like or similar individuals or organizations are grouped to be accessed from one location. Examples would be a real estate listing directory, blood banks, restaurants, etc. Online directories make it easy for people to locate any listed service. If you’re using WordPress for your website, you’ll be glad of the many Directory themes and plugins available for building your website. WordPress directory plugins can add a fully featured directory to your website.

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