Radios free template

Radios as the name suggests, this is a free radio website template with a fantastic collection of features and traits every radio station page needs. You can now launch your own internet radio like a professional and have a solid web presence sorted out in full.

Of course, it is the content that you will release that matters most, but having a fantastic online presence is important just as well. With Radios, you do not need to worry about the latter.

Radios comes with a fantastic full-screen parallax background with a play feature. Your listeners can listen to your on-air show straight away, without the need to finding it first and missing the intro. Other goodies of Radios are multi-level drop-down menu, testimonials, newsletter subscription widget, news and events along with full video support. If you are in need of a complete web space, Radios is the radio website template you should not miss.

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