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This is our collection of the best free Bootstrap slider templates, which you can use on any website or blog.

We couldn’t find any solid carousels, so we decided to create our own.

This allowed us to go one step further in designing and developing some truly EXTRAORDINARY slider examples.

Moreover, we also focused on creating a code that’s user- and beginner-friendly.

Let your users effortlessly slide through your extraordinary visual work on mobile and desktop.


Leave it to the widget to roll slides AUTOMATICALLY.

Since we made them all open-source, you are welcome to customize these templates to your liking.

Best Free Bootstrap Slider Templates

Carousel V01

carousel 01
Below is our take on sliders and carousels with the twenty best designs and templates.

Let’s kick things off with Carousel V01, a full-screen slideshow that creates a beautiful content presentation for any website.

While you can alter the images, YOU CAN even PLAY around with different options, like keeping the image static and featuring a text slider only.

It’s also a Bootstrap tool, guaranteeing an excellent experience whether viewing it on mobile or desktop. DON’T miss it!

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V02

carousel 02
A carousel is a great way of showcasing different content with boxes. Whether it’s your portfolio or even something else, Carousel V02 is here to help you make an immediate difference.

Why struggle with building it yourself if you don’t have to?

Carousel V02 is here, all set and ready for you to PUT INTO ACTION free of charge.

It also comes with a hover effect and pagination circles – but it rolls the content automatically, so you don’t have to.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V03

carousel 03
Right from the get-go, you notice the modern and creative design of this slider-carousel template. The free snippet is available to everyone, even if you are a BEGINNER in web development and coding.

Thank’s to the user-friendly code structure, you’re good to go immediately.

Moreover, the layout is also in tune with different screen sizes, has pagination and left and right pointers. For moving from carousel to carousel, you can also just grab the slider and THROW it.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V04

carousel 04
Carousel V04 is an excellent example of a testimonials slider that can work for all types of websites.

Businesses, agencies, freelancers, eCommerce, it does not really matter – if you can BENEFIT FROM customer/client feedback, introduce it with Carousel V04.

By default, the design is clean and minimal, working with different page themes. You may only want to alter the color choice, but other than that, you are welcome to use Carousel V04 as-is.

Have your users promote your business.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V05

carousel 05
Don’t worry, we still have many more testimonial carousels that you can work with free of charge.

Carousel V05 is a CONVENIENT solution that will save you time and energy, as there’s no need to start working on it from the ground up. While you or your user can switch between different boxes manually, Carousel V05 also works automatically.

You just need to – wait – for – it.

The structure perfectly matches mobile devices, so you know UX will be great.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V06

carousel 06
Carousel V06 is a REMARKABLE Bootstrap slider with a beautiful split-screen design. Like the default configurations show, you can use one side for text and the other for images.

You can play with many different options and possibilities without holding yourself back. In other words, make Carousel V06 suit your needs exclusively before you place it live on your website.

Jumping from slideshow to slideshow is possible manually with left and right pointers, by “grabbing” the slider and “throwing” it either side you want or just by letting it do its thing.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V07

carousel 07
Carousel V07 is a fantastic alternative for creating a featured posts area on your website. Still, this is just one of the examples of how you can use this free snippet.

You can include any custom content in each box you want, add CTA buttons, show the number of comments and who the author is.

Before you fully COMMIT, you can check the live demo preview first and go from there. That’s it, now’s your turn to get the ball rolling.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V08

carousel 08
Instead of rocking a BORING testimonials slider, you can always spice things up with Carousel V08. This tool is just splendid with its distinct design and cool transition animation.

What will make it stand out even more is the image section, which you can use for displaying users and clients or even go entirely against the grain with something else.

There’s always a way to introduce YOUR CREATIVE TOUCH to any of our free widgets, so there’s no need to hold back.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V09

carousel 09
Photographers, travel bloggers, fashionistas, designers, you name it, Carousel V09 is your ideal way of displaying content with a slider.

Since the tool rocks a Bootstrap base, you know the performance will be fluid, operating on mobile, tablet, and desktop EXTREMELY well.

The bellow pagination showcases the number of sliders – three in this case – and the pointers allow to go forward or backward with a single click.

But you can even grab the slider and pull it to the left or the right.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V10

carousel 10
While the Bootstrap slider above keeps things on the minimal side, Carousel V10 is a tad more creative. It rocks rounded corners and thumbnails, which showcase a preview of each slider.

Along with the beautiful and compelling image slideshow, you can also feature text on each slide, making it a lot more engaging.

This one will TRIGGER everyone’s ATTENTION instantly, which can boost your website’s UX over and beyond.

Want to give it a shot? It’s free anyway, so you can make it yours by hitting the download button now.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V11

carousel 11
Beautiful, modern and bold, that’s what’s up when it comes to Carousel V11. It’s all you need to create a neat Bootstrap slider for your website.

Instead of starting from scratch, skip the tedious work and opt for THIS free snippet.

You are now all set to present different visual content strikingly and enhance your page’s overall performance.

What’s cool about this one is that you can embed it out of the box, change the images, and you are ready to rock and roll.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V12

carousel 12
When building an online store, you would want to CREATE a product carousel either for the home page or some other section of your website.

You can use this minimalist and distinct design that does the job very well.

One awesome feature of Carousel V12 is the two-tone background, mixing things up a little bit. The image and the title are individual elements with an option to add internal links to product pages.

The carousel runs on autopilot, but you can move it manually, too.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V13

carousel 13
While in the majority of cases Bootstrap sliders have horizontal/landscape layout – vertical alternatives exist, too. If you are particularly looking for the latter, Carousel V13 is the way to go.

The free snippet works ideally for photographers, designers, and other creative individuals.

Emphasize your photographs with a big and ATTENTION-GRABBING slideshow that will pop on mobile and desktop. You can also add text/title or leave it out and feature just the image.

The option is yours.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V14

carousel 14
The benefit of adding client testimonials/feedback to your website can be very rewarding. Do it the RIGHT WAY with Carousel V14.

It’s a neat solution that will take you little time to integrate, edit if necessary and share your people’s experience for others to view.

Moreover, some testimonial sliders feature just the text, while some conveniently mix text with images.

Carousel V14 falls in the latter basket, so if that’s something you need, you’ll get it here.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V15

carousel 15
Carousel V15 is like Carousel V14 on steroids. It has a colored background for text and showcases thumbnails, which are also clickable to move from slideshow to slideshow.

The design is in PERFECT balance with mobile devices, just that the layout changes slightly. Instead of featuring image and text areas side by side, they are on top of the other on mobile.

The amazing performance will stay intact, so everyone can quickly review your users’ feedback regardless of the device they use.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V16

carousel 16
Simplicity wins over anything else – that is a fact. Why complicate with all the fancy stuff if you don’t have to? Instead, pick Carousel V16 and introduce testimonials to your website like a champ.

As the screenshot above shows, each testimonial features an avatar, name, and text area. Due to the minimalistic approach, you can embed it into ANY website DESIGN.

Carousel V16 will adapt comfortably regardless of your branding regulations, saving you additional time.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V17

carousel 17
Carousel V17 is a Bootstrap slider that does not follow the classic transition effect. With its unique animation, you can impress your website visitors even more, so waste no time and grab this template now.

Like our other free widgets, Carousel V17 is also very easy to use, as we always make sure to create a USER-FRIENDLY base.

But at the end of the day, it’s free of charge, so you can download it, test it and only then decide if it’s a fit. It sure will be.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V18

carousel 18
Not always does a Bootstrap slider come with navigation/tabs. And that’s what’s special about Carousel V18. Even though very simple at first glance, it still rocks many great features that will do you well.

Along with the top navigation, the split-screen design also has a section for images and texts. The text area supports links by default if you’d like to CONNECT your slideshow with blog posts or pages on your website.

Finally, the great design also appears elegantly on mobile out of the box.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V19

carousel 19
For the true minimalists, that’s when you opt for Carousel V19. Its a slider for testimonials that features just the text.

Note: you can even use it for QUOTES or any other information you’d like to display – no need to stick to testimonials.

Furthermore, if you use Carousel V19 but consider changing the typography, go for it.

There’s also no need to think about technicalities, as Carousel V19 uses only the latest technologies and Bootstrap.

More info / Download Demo

Carousel V20

carousel 20
Carousel V20 is the complete opposite of Carousel V19. Not only is the objective COMPLETELY different but the design is very creative and attention-grabbing, too.

This Bootstrap slider has a static right side and a movable left side. But the slideshows don’t change from left to right but go from top to bottom.

This is something that will immediately change how you present images on your website, heck, even blog. There’s also a title and text area with a CTA button.

More info / Download Demo

This blog post talked about the best free Bootstrap slider templates that can be used on any website. If you like these templates, you can download them and integrate them into your website. Which Bootstrap slider from this list was most amazing? Do not forget to tell me in the comments section which one, in your opinion, was most awesome.